Rosfeld Family 2016

When you have access to an absolutely incredible location on a beautiful fall day with such a good looking family, it’s pretty hard to go wrong.  Thank you Jason and Jamie for sharing your family with me and the patience of these four boys.


Normally I would crop in tighter on a family photo such as the one above, but also wanted to show the beauty of the Busch family farm that was the setting for these photos.  Now check out these individual portraits below…




You will quickly notice that the whole family is active in East Central football including mom and dad!  As you can also see, the lake here makes for an incredible background indeed.


So happy to have created this 16 x 20″ collage above and individual portraits below showcasing East Central Trojan Football!


Thank you again to Jason and Jamie for allowing me to create this memory for your family, it was a real honor.  Your family looks absolutely wonderful and I hope you will cherish these photos and especially the football collage for many years to come.


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A Beautiful Family

I am truly blessed to have been photographing the Bosse family since I first got serious about photography.  We did these family photos in the fall of 2015 and I appreciate their willingness to spend the entire day with me out and about – especially Dad.  Jessica and Brian are such wonderful kids that I always look forward to having them in front of the camera.  More blogs to come with this incredible family!

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Located on the banks of the Ohio River near Saylor Park, we started the day at Fernbank Park.  We are very fortunate in Cincinnati to have so many incredible parks and venues to choose from in creating incredible photographs.

kpix photography_Cincinnat Family Photography_bosse_20150912_IMG-4953_P194-Edit

Love both of these smiles.

kpix photography_Cincinnat Family Photography_bosse_20150912_IMG-4960_P201-Edit

There is an awesome bridge here at Fernbank Park, but you really have to plan ahead for the many people using the bridge.  That is, you need to start early and we did at 7:00am.

kpix photography_Cincinnat Family Photography_bosse_20150912_IMG-4842_P088_PS

kpix photography_Cincinnat Family Photography_bosse_20150912_IMG-4856_P100_PSkpix photography_Cincinnat Family Photography_bosse_20150912_IMG-4870_P113kpix photography_Cincinnat Family Photography_bosse_20150912_IMG-4881_P124

Another great reason for coming here is the playground so kids can play while working with the rest of the family.  Love photographing kids having fun and not just posing for the camera.

kpix photography_Cincinnat Family Photography_bosse_20150912_IMG-4993_P228kpix photography_Cincinnat Family Photography_bosse_20150912_IMG-4980_P221_PS

Moved on to the Covington, Kentucky side of the Ohio River near downtown.  Such a great spot and again love photographing the whole family just hanging out and doing their thing.  Karl and Tiffany are terrific parents, raising a couple of wonderful kids and I look forward to photographing them for many years to come.

kpix photography_Cincinnat Family Photography_bosse_20150912_IMG-5128_P348

Kids love their iPods and its great to see them enjoying themselves.

kpix photography_Cincinnat Family Photography_bosse_20150912_IMG-5151_P370kpix photography_Cincinnat Family Photography_bosse_20150912_IMG-5175_P394

We barely got these sidewalk photos in before the rain started, but so glad that these two were so cooperative and patient.  Totally love the hats!

kpix photography_Cincinnat Family Photography_bosse_20150912_IMG-5178_P397kpix photography_Cincinnat Family Photography_bosse_20150912_IMG-5208_P426-PS

We were so lucky to have a U.S. battleship in the background at the time.  This is one family photo that will forever be unique.  Couldn’t believe what I had to do to get the battleship to dock there for us.  LOL!

kpix photography_Cincinnat Family Photography_bosse_20150912_IMG-5114_P334

So thankful to be working with Karl, Tiffany, Jessica and Brian. Such a wonderful family and love the fact that their home is now filled with large and colorful prints from this family session.

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